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Product research and development


The company has more than 10 years of experience in computer software, Linux system software, embedded software, hardware and Internet of things development. With the ability to develop complex products and systems, the company has been committed to developing high technology content, high added value and high automation. The energy saving, environmental protection products and automatic control system are applied to the controller and optimization solution of refrigeration, air conditioning, heat exchange system.
More than ten years of experience in the development of industrial refrigeration controller, the company has accumulated a variety of mature software and hardware technical solutions, including the processor platform scheme, analog acquisition and output control technology, switch input acquisition and relay output control technology, various man-machine interface schemes, and software control of various refrigeration equipment. Experience, stable and efficient product production test and calibration platform technology, data upload and monitoring gateway platform technology.
In the field of traditional refrigeration, the R & D team developed a series of related controllers, such as automatic intelligent screw compressor controller, economic intelligent screw controller, automatic evaporative condensing controller, cold storage warehouse controller, heat pump controller and so on, and used in the market.

In the aspect of Internet of things, we developed the refrigeration system IOT gateway, which has the following advantages:


In the field monitoring, we have developed the on-site monitoring system software, which has the following advantages.:

  The fast - handed site monitoring and control system, which is simply configured, can fully support the application of two times, ultra strong integrated development environment, fully encrypted network data transmission, secure data storage and access control control。

  Local data analysis suite, statistical analysis can be operated without cloud.;

  Real-time adjustment of engineering without stopping;

  The configured project is fully web access without browser plug-in.;

  Data processing, data acquisition and primary processing.;

  The alarm is pushed by the scene. Support 4G network access。