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Processing industry solutions


An overview of the automatic control scheme:

Through the experience of years of complete sets of design experience, we set up the most economical and perfect automatic control plan for refrigerators, refrigerators and freezers.。
According to the suction pressure of the system, automatic control of compressor start / stop, load increase / load shedding.
According to the situation of liquid supply between the libraries, the ammonia pump circulating pump group is automatically opened / stopped, and the pump group is automatically switched.;
According to the exhaust pressure of the system, we automatically control the opening and stopping of the evaporative condenser fan and water pump.;
According to the liquid supply condition of the solenoid valve in the cold storage, the opening / stopping of the ammonia circulating pump set is automatically controlled.;
According to the temperature in the cold storage, the automatic stop and stop, the ceiling type cold fan, the liquid supply solenoid valve and the return air solenoid valve.;
According to the actual cost of the cold storage, we need to set the control parameters, and start and stop the hot ammonia electromagnetic valve at regular intervals.。

Energy saving control technology for refrigeration:


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