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According to the specific monitoring and control characteristics of cold storage and logistics process, the centralized control mode and decentralized mode are adopted in the system control mode.

Complete set design

Solutions for complete design

Product Design

Solutions for product design

According to the type of screw set, the company developed a variety of screw compressor control products, including the automatic control table with the function of the Internet of things and the supporting boot cabinet, forming a number of control schemes, which can cover the adjustable content product ratio, the fixed content product ratio, the single machine double stage screw set.

Product R&D

Product research and development design

The company has more than 10 years of experience in computer software, Linux system software, embedded software, hardware and Internet of things development. With the ability to develop complex products and systems, the company has been committed to developing high technology content...

Industrial physical association

The combination of sequential data end to end, local and remote analysis helps enterprises to solve the practical problems such as remote monitoring, management and operation of multi place, large-scale and distributed expansion equipment.