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Refrigeration industry solution


An overview of the automatic control scheme:


According to the specific monitoring and control characteristics of cold storage and logistics process, the centralized control mode and decentralized mode are adopted in the system control mode. The process system of the refrigerating machine room, whether it is the control of the compressor unit, the control of the evaporative condensing system, the control of the auxiliary terminal equipment, the close coordination of the equipment action among the control units, and the relative centralization of the control function. Therefore, a centralized control strategy is adopted for the process system equipment of the refrigerating machine room. All the data are entered into PLC for acquisition and control, and then uploaded to the upper computer for specific analysis.

The refrigerating storehouse part controls the liquid supply, the fan and the return valve control according to the return air temperature or the average temperature between the storehouses.

According to the end demand (the temperature is higher than the setting), the valve and fan are automatically opened and the pump is opened, and the unit is automatically opened according to the suction pressure; the evaporative cooling automatically stops the pump according to the exhaust pressure of the system general pipe.


Refrigeration energy optimization management system Internet plus:


  Statistics and analysis of power consumption of refrigeration system, implementation of energy optimization management, automatic optimization of control parameters, and excavation of energy saving potential of refrigeration system.;

  Cumulative system power consumption, support for icon analysis of power consumption compared with the same period, supporting annual, monthly, weekly and daily power consumption report output.;

  Access to the Internet, can realize the number of unlimited access stations browsing refrigeration monitoring system, can use mobile phone, tablet computer and other terminal equipment anytime and anywhere to browse the field data, alarm messages, EMAIL push and so on.

  The ice mountain cloud management platform can be used to track the changes of different seasons and production conditions through the Internet, and the control parameters of the refrigeration field are fine optimized to fully tap the energy saving potential of the system.。

  It can access iceberg service center server and achieve 7*24 hours after-sales service.。


Application of automatic control equipment in technological process:


Success case: