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Hardware maintenance engineer

Hardware maintenance engineer

Post duties

1、 Technical positions are mainly responsible for the maintenance and testing of electronic products.;

2、 Hardware debugging and testing in the process of product design;

3、 Other relevant work to complete the leadership arrangement。



1、 Have a certain professional foundation, master the basic knowledge of analog and digital circuits, understand the basic characteristics of electronic components, have good learning ability and spirit;

2、 Good hands-on ability, proficiency in welding circuit boards, debugging and testing with multimeter and other instruments.

3、 Knowledge of embedded software and industrial field communication protocol.(RS485、ModBus)

4、 Professional dedication, solid and willing to work、 have certain communication skills, and be able to deal with user feedback related product problems.

5、 More than 2 years working experience in electronic product and PCB maintenance. Experience in maintenance and test for industrial control products is preferred.

6、 College degree or above, major in electronic information / automation.

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