Address: No. 106, Liaohe East Road, Dalian economic and technological development area.


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Sales Engineer


1、 Responsible for the sales of the company's products;
2、 Maintain regular customers, develop new potential customers and markets, and complete sales tasks; 
3、 Actively collect market information, regularly reflect the product's dynamic and market information to the company;
4、 Control the cost of sales and control the accounts receivable; 
5、 Comply with company regulations and execute company sales policy
6、 Clear the annual target of the position and submit the work report regularly; 
7、 Undertake the sales and payment work in the region、and complete the sales tasks in the region; 
8、 Take part in company's technology and marketing training to improve their comprehensive quality。 

Application requirements: 
1、Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical or automation.;
2、Strong sense of responsibility, independent thinking, analyzing and solving problems. Good interpersonal communication skills, strong sense of customer service and teamwork spirit.;
3、Be willing to engage in sales, adapt to business;
4、Priority of graduating graduates。 

Working place:
No. 106, Liaohe East Road, Dalian economic and Technological Development Zone